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With over 15 years of experience in the printing industry, Amu Press Co. Ltd has a reputation for excellence. We offer in-house graphic design services, offset and digital printing, book binding and hot foil work. Customer tailored products are created at competitive prices.

Customer Care and Quotations...

Every customer and every print job requires individual attention and quotation. Our front office welcomes all enquiries and directs customers to the relevant departments to get the information or service they need.


The management team is available to oversee the smooth running of press operations and to ensure that all our customers get value for their money.

No time to drop in??

You can make inquiries, seek for a quotation, and place your order by email or phone. Artwork viewing and approval can also be done through email.

Express Work...

Printing is not an instant process, but if you have a job that requires fast-tracking, consider placing an order for an Express Job. We work around the clock when a job is required urgently.


Discounts are available for BULK or regular ONGOING orders. Ask the manager for details.


We ensure timely delivery of customers' work. At no extra cost, finished work can be delivered within Nakuru town, while countrywide delivery can be arranged on request.

Finishing & Binding

Utmost concentration is an essential ingredient in the print finishing department. Here, all finishing processes are handled with care and precision. The press recently purchased a modern, hot glue perfect binding machine which is capable of binding book spines of up to 60mm. Binding and special lettering services on official documents for individuals and institutions (universities, law firms, companies, and government departments) are offered. Hot foil can be done on both cloth and paper.

Perforation       Creasing       Collation       Trimming       Lamination

Stitching             Hot Glue Perfect Binding       Spiral Binding

Saddle Stitching      Hot Foil on: Thesis, Certificates, Reports

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We have creative and innovative staff for whom a design challenge is a blessing and not a bother! They work with customer desires in mind and transform ideas into reality. If a customer already has a design in a soft version, the designers will convert it into the format required for printing. Art work is carefully and quickly made ready for your inspection and signed approval.

Typesetting       Desktop Publishing       Logo Design       Layout

Cover Design

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The process of handling artwork, the separation of colours and the preparation of plates for offset printing is handled with precision by our experienced staff. Our staff recognise that careful preparation in the pre-press area brings out the quality desired by our customers.

Separations        Plate preparation

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Our printing staff have extensive experience and expertise and are committed to producing quality work whether it is full,spot or single colour printing.

Business Cards       Invitation Cards             Books

Brochures                 Calendars                    Banners

Office Stationary       Advertising Materials     Certificates

Self Adhesive Labels       Annual Reports

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  Office hours: Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm
                          Saturday: 9am to 1pm

  Phone Lines available during office hours.   Landline: 051- 221 25 09
  Fixed Mobile: 0724 67 44 67
                           0735 67 44 67
  Please note mobile numbers cannot   receive sms or Mpesa/Airtel money